Most people are sincere when they make promises. But things change. People change. Hard times and human failings batter away at loving relationships until they weaken and crumble. Tragically, some fall apart completely.

In the midst of pain, confusion and doubt, there are so many unanswered questions: How did this happen? What could I have done better? Can things ever be the same again? Sometimes it's hard to know if a relationship is even worth saving. It is so easy to give up—yet so hard to let go. If healing a relationship is totally up to us, we don't have much hope.

But…there is hope. The One who created us wants to mend our broken lives and relationships. He's waiting, ready to help, wanting to repair what has been damaged and restore what has been lost.

You've looked everywhere, desperate for answers to the unanswered questions. You've even looked within yourself, perhaps wondering what you could have done differently. If you feel you've reached the end and just can't find enough love left to hold a relationship together…just look up. God is closer than you think.

God made you, sees you and knows you. He understands and cares about your pain. He can and will bring healing and restoration if you simply look to Him. He's your best and only hope. Look to Him, and you will see One who loves you and longs to transform your relationships and fill them with love, life and purpose.

God, the One you can always look to, sent his Son to heal the greatest broken relationship of all.

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