We will all face eternity, and none of us knows how much time we have left.

Are you ready to leave this life and face whatever comes next?

Someday, we will each give an account for what we have done—for how we have lived.

Are you hoping that the good things you've done outweigh the bad? Will that be enough? If so, why do you still feel nervous about facing the Creator?

Will you have to keep paying for your failures forever? Is there a path to Forgiveness? Can you find lasting peace?

The good news is—you cannot be good enough. You do not have to be, but you can still know where you will spend eternity. You can be sure.

Just look up. God is closer than you think.

The One who holds your tomorrows wants to hold you. He made you and has a purpose and a plan for you, in this life—and for eternity. And He sent His only Son to make the way for you.

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