It's hard to remember what the feeling of joy was like.

Even the happy times seem more like a dream than a memory.

Life has been a spiral downward, and you don't even know how it happened.

It's really hard to think straight when your feelings overwhelm your thoughts. When you try to express yourself to others around you, they just don't understand. When other people haven't experienced the emotional darkness, it's impossible to explain to them how alone and hopeless you feel.

But there is Someone who understands. God … who made you … knows you. He knows how you feel. And … He cares.

Though you feel you can't get any lower … you've reached the bottom …

Just look up. God is closer than you think.

He knows us, loves us and sent His Son to give us the best life we can have—now and for eternity. His Son—Jesus— is alive, real, and you can know Him.

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